vampire hour

So here you have it, our very first shoot. Sunday afternoon, we decide this blog needed to happen. Monday night we have our first shoot. Wedneday night we buy the domain name. Saturday set up blog details. And now you see the product of two like minds that view wardrobe as something that sets the stage.

This cold night we found fur to be of functional comfort. Fur embodies an attitude all on its own. And tonight, it took on a mystical darkness that is exaggerated by an abandoned warehouse in the industrial SE, that hauntingly already had a wall lined with candles.

Brady’s fox collar is being played down by an unadorned beanie. The matte-satin tuxedo lapels offset his button-up and is played down with casual jeans and his vintage boots.

I am wearing the fur shrug embellished with a gauzy broach. Underneath, I tied a soft beige button-up contradicting the black leather miniskirt. And the torn fishnets and combat boots highlight the vampy makeup.


On Lauren:
jacket: Kenneth Cole
shirt: Ever
skirt: American Apparel
boots: Dolce Vita
bracelet and necklace: Grayling

On Brady:
jacket: vintage
shirt: Adam Arnold
choker: Grayling
pants: Cheep Monday
boots: vintage
scarf: Brick Ernst
beanie: Prada



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