Phone Lake

While running out the door I tripped over a stack of yellow pages left on my doorstep and fell flat on my face.  I kicked and cussed them and deemed them a menace to society.  I hate the yellow pages.  They are a waste of paper and I don’t know a single person who uses them.  And why on earth would they give me four bags with three books in each bag?! Wasteful.  I realize there has been an effort to make the yellow pages more eco friendly by making the book smaller and more compact but more often than not I find that people just immediately throw them away or they go directly into the recycling bin.  I was asked to participate in this years Junk to Funk gallery show and I immediately knew I wanted to use those damn yellow pages as my medium.  I wanted to create something elegant and classic using Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake as inspiration.  Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you, Phone Lake…

there are around two hundred individually sewn and cut paper feathers that make up the bodice



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