Golden Days

Caution; viewing the following may cause an intolerable desire to find an El Camino, jump in the driver window and speed away into the sunset listening to Fleetwood Mac on full volume. You may be sensitive to direct sunlight and find that the wearing of Aviators will relieve these symptoms. Sudden discomfort with your collection of jeans may result from the viewing of these radical high waisted bell bottoms. Depression is a known side effect when comparing your golden digs to ours. There is further research being conducted on the effect of roller skates while wearing massive amounts of golden jewelry.

And in all seriousness, I wanted to take the time to point out our shirts (and Brick’s necklaces) are designed by Brady. brick earnst is his custom line, and expect to see much, much more. His tank has a golden diamond cut-out that compliments my golden paneled shirt. And although these photos do not show the impeccable craftsmanship, attention to detail is his niche; as you can see in the previous post; the Phone Lake tutu.

On Brady:
Jacket: vintage Land’s End
shirt and necklaces: brick ernst
sunglasses: Ray Ban
jeans: vintage Levi’s
boots: Justin

On Lauren:
shirt: brick ernst
necklace and jeans: vintage
bracelet: Mexican silver
boots: Frye

From my desk to yours,



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