a new obsession…

I spy a reoccurring theme and I cannot get enough of these black, long see through skirts. So simple. Yet elegant and sexy at the same time. Sometimes with pleats. Sometimes with layers. And always feminine.

I saw a skirt similar to these worn by Gretchen Jones on Project Runway last year. She designed it herself and accented the not-so-subtle transparency with a 50’s cut bootie short underneath. Giving it an overall modest presentation.

And as I follow other blogs, read other magazines, and shop online…I am finding a pattern…

So now; I first have to convince Brick to make me one. And secondly, to pray to these weather gods for some warm sunshine to get me outta these layers and into these whimsical designs!

(Please click on the photos to find out more about these beautiful designs)



2 Comments on “a new obsession…”

  1. Sarah says:

    Love this trend! I had a see-through black lace skirt in the 80’s and damn I wish I had it now! It is one instance of a look that one could wear in their young adulthood and again in their (ahem) middle age that could work for both!

    • love this blog.i want one of these skirts! i swear that 2nd photo is shot in seoul, every other girl has on almost that identical outfit, the docs, the bowler hat, the skirt…maybe it’s an asia thang

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