Black in Seattle

This weekend was good for the soul, bad for my wallet, and my smile lines had to have increased 10 fold from all that sunshine we got. This was my first time going (yes, it is only 3 hours away) so I had little expectations. But, this gal was surely impressed! Kind people, clean sidewalks, big, but not intimidating and plenty to do. I can’t wait to plan my next weekend getaway to Seattle, hopefully I will be taking the train. Sounds quite romantic, don’t you think? Train ride through the Pacific Northwest(…I am sure I am over-romanticizing this idea).

We were able to stay at the beautiful Sorrento Hotel. And man oh man, that place spoiled us rotten!

As you can see, there was much celebrating. Laying around in the oversized windowsills calmed my over-stressed mind into a thoughtless humility.

But at some point, we were going to have to leave our richly gorgeous hotel and find some unexpected treasures. The colors of the day were more than inspiring. I felt as if everything had popped out of a coloring book and was on display just for me at that very moment.

On Lauren:
fur hat: (unlabeled) from the Portland army surplus; Andy & Bax
thermal: American Apparel
button up: Ever
shorts: Levi’s
tights: Nordstrom; they only lasted a mere 2 hours before a devastating run
boots: Report
jewelry: grayling
coat: snak


One Comment on “Black in Seattle”

  1. folktale says:

    I love this Seattle bit! Great looks! Great photos!

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