Class act; Mr. Ostrom

Meet Christian Ostrom. He is a buddy of mine from California. Before I met him I had heard rumors of his closet…then we become roommates…then the rumors became a reality. This boy knows how to shop. But more importantly, he wears what he purchases-WELL!. I know plenty of people that may have good taste, may even purchase those token items, but they just sit in their closet, waiting for the ‘right’ time. What good does that do?

Christian was headed to a friends wedding and instead of opting for the safe black suit (oh-so-boring) he rocked this unexpected 3 piece ensemble. A little bit prep. A little bit of spring. And a whole-lotta class.

sunglasses: Ray Ban 4140

bow tie: Brooks Brothers

jacket: Polo Ralph Lauren

pants: Levi 511 Trousers

vest: Rocklin Sartorial

shirt: Brilliant Colours by Velour

shoes: Cole Haan

socks: Polo Ralph Lauren

belt: Polo Ralph Lauren

I hope that you follow Mr. Ostrom’s advice and dress like a champ for no good reason expect that you owe it to yourself!

As you will catch me saying over and over, you only have one life, you best live it dressed well.




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