All Saints saved this soul


On my recent visit to Seattle, I fell in love. And as you will come to find out, I happen to fall in love fairly easily. It could be the touch of a lambskin leather hooded vest, at times the sight of the perfectly sliced avocado, and once in awhile I will forget what I am doing after running for a few miles as I relish the physical ease in which I worked so hard for.

But on this day, I fell for All Saints. A British line that has just opened up stores in the states. What first caught my attention were the shopping windows lined from top to bottom with hundreds of vintage Singers, you know the old black sewing machines that have that beautiful gold logo on them, yeah…they were stacked on top of one another in what must of been a 15 ft window. And the size of this ’boutique’ was no cozy matchbox. So I would venture to say there may have been thousands of Singers. The sight drew me through the doors. To follow, was nothing less then spectacular.

The smell of leather was overwhelming, immediately feeding the industrial image. Old salvaged wood working equipment held slabs of a table that displayed handbags, belts, jewelry. All in which were substantial accessories that could take on your entire outfit, having a life of its own. The clothing held this feminine edge with a gothic aftertaste. A sea of black, grey, and white. That may be the silence of a yawn to some.

Rule #265: Never underestimate the shades of black.

Black as in grey. Non-black as in white. Black as in a flowing floor length transparent silk dress with beading around the neckline. Black as in a distressed leather motorcycle jacket.


Alright, I will stop ranting. I eventually found the shoe wall.

Without further a-due, I introduce my purchase of a wedge…

Enough of me talking. You will have to check it out for yourself. I will be in Los Angeles and Vegas this month. Both of which have an All Saints location. Bye-bye paycheck(s).

(Also I did not do the men’s department the justice they so deserve, as I was a bit selfish in this whole shopping endevour.)



All clothing/accessories images from Landscapes from


3 Comments on “All Saints saved this soul”

  1. Iliyana L says:

    love this! looks amazing!
    nice blog!
    come and check out mine on:

  2. KK says:

    i love the bldg!!!! looks so good 🙂

  3. this website is beautiful! looking forward to reading it frequently! thanks so much~

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