Color Me Beige


When we think of the color beige we tend to think of tired, stale staple pieces like some banal tan slacks or lifeless traditional trench coats.  I mean, it’s barely even a color right?  But who made that rule?  Why can’t beige be exciting?  Who ever said lack of color had to mean lack of spirit?  Beige can be just as far out as any neon color if you ask me.  Take note from these bad-ass khaki numbers and take the blah out of beige.

Christian Louboutin Lucifer Bow Pump
The name says it all.

Christian Louboutin Men’s Pik Spikes Loafer
These aren’t your grandpa’s loafers.

1967 Ford Mustang
Elegant, classic, and ready to kick some ass

Faye Dunaway screenshot from Bonnie and Clyde
Cool, collective and khaki clad, perfect for causing a mid day ruckus.

Anna Dello Russo during Paris Fashion Week in a Prada Scarf, Celine clothing and bitchin Emilio Pucci boots.
Those boots, those gloves, that stole, girl means some business.

Anna Dello Russo in a Balmain S/S 2011 jacket
Anna, two words: You rule.


It’s all in the styling, if you ask me.  Keep your beige away from tucked in polo shirts and matching sweater sets and kick it up with a dose of attitude.
Refuse to be bland and spice up your blah.



photos 1 & 2 via
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photo 5 via Carolines Mode
photo 6 via


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