trade your dignity

When it comes to good jewelry you have to lay all your chips out on the table and take a chance.  Take a gamble with some bold pieces sure to make a statement.  People will be looking at your sweet rings and bangles and not your poker face.  When your competition is more interested in whats on your hands than in you hand and you may just get out of there with a couple bucks left.

from top left clockwise: spike cuff, polished 2 finger ring: Surface to Air, chain necklace: Low Luv, tooth ring: No Tomorrow, gold bangle: Low Luv, black spike ring: No Tomorrow, black ring: Low Luv, silver talon ring, gold 2 talon ring: Made Her Think, tooth necklace: No Tomorrow, stacking ring set, stacking bangle set: House of Harlow.  All items available at Local35.

don’t let the fluorescent lighting get you down, let your jewelry empower you and keep on going strong through the night

men’s rings that make a statement

don’t ever let them see your poker face

Let lady luck take the wheel and punch up your look with an intrepid piece of jewelry.


all jewelry provided and available by  Local35, thanks, you guys rock!


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