White Sands, Part 1

While in the desert this past week, I was able to visit this exquisite beauty of a landmark; White Sands, New Mexico. It was an awe inspiring few hours. A perfect time to show off some of Grayling’s Spring ’11 collection.

The spring line is full of turquoise, wood grain, a lot of greens and yellows. And when I packed up for my Southwest vacation, I knew I couldn’t leave without taking a few of my favorite pieces.

I quickly recruited my gorgeous cousin to dress the part. Her talent as a stylist far exceeds anything I could possibly imagine in my head, so I left it up to her interpretation. The natural beauty of turquoise is played out so well in the Celestial Necklace. I happen to love the strong statement it makes against Sara’s sun washed vintage dress; and the dangling spears of the necklace are echoed with the fringe in the jacket.

A big thank you to Sara for making our trip all the more memorable!

And look for Grayling‘s Spring Line that comes out this weekend.




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