White Sands, Part 2

DISCLAIMER: More desert. But I promise this is the last of my Southwest trip. (I think…)

Here Sarah is framed in a classic 50’s silhouette. High waisted bold red palazzo pants gave the right contrast to her daintily striped tee. Perfectly paired with another look from Grayling; the Topanga necklace in sea-foam green. I love the simplicity of the outfit and yet at the same time I feel the need to look again. As if there is something that I missed upon the first look.

I adore this series because there is a sense of timelessness. These could of been taken twenty years ago, or in another ten. Sarah’s feminine stance play off of a sailoresque ensemble that is, and forever will be, a classic-go-to-look.

Thanks again Sarah and Grayling!



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