It’s all about the jewels…

There is a especially raw look to Sahlia Jewelry that we were excited to feature.

The hammered sterling silver gives off a reflection that bends with the natural light in the room.

The chunky gemstones have a sort of illuminating glow that holds a mystery.

And although there was a natural instinct to pair with something airy and romantic, we decided to play off the structure that Sahlia subtly designs into her natural pieces.

Brick and I are especially fond of any sort of design that can be worn on the both of us. And though most men shy away from jewelry, I think there is a lot to be admired in the masculinity he gives to this line.

Please do yourself a favor and checkout the rest of Sahlia’s designs. There is plenty more that I wish we could of shown! Her collection includes molten silver droplets, torched metals, plenty of semi-precious gemstones, and of course one of a kind bridal pieces.

A big thank you to Sahlia!



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