If I was to categorize my style, it would take me a significantly long time to define. But looking through my closet, I find a pattern…menswear done over for a woman. In past posts, you may have noticed my addiction for hats. Most often, mens hats. Unisex jewelry, sunglasses, and scarves are a must when traveling. And on many a day, you will catch me raiding my husbands wardrobe for his vintage button-ups and sweater collection. I can’t get enough studs recently, be it on a belt or bracelet. And boy-o-boy, I am a sucker for a nicely shaped boyfriend jean (worn only with a heel).

I say all this fully embracing my womanhood, and beyond it all, giving these manly staples a sex appeal that is only a woman can give. And today I share with you a few of my seasonal favorites…

1. Cheap Monday  Bunny Pink shirt dress

2. Proenza Schouler Multi High Heel Sandal

3. Aviators by Ray Ban

4. Alexander Mcqueen Skull Print Modal Scarf

5. Women’s VPL Color-block Brief 

6. Marc Jacobs Small Vera Bag

7. Straw Fedora by Eugenia Kim

And there you have a few of my favorite plays off a man’s wardrobe.

We ladies are so lucky to have so much to choose from today.



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