american dream

A grand porch faced west

with oversized chairs is the right amount of old timey

An ode to early Americana summers

The perfect green in the framed windows gives me a sense of a lush spring that is yet to come

Dressed in tradition, we sit in seersucker,

with a bit of suspenders, and not without bearing our spring legs.

Stripes on top of stripes is more doable then you would imagine.

Just make sure you play with the textures, size, color and width of the stripe.

Brady chose a thicker navy striped cardigan, with a thinly stiped tank, and even thinner striped seersucker shorts. He pairs the classic navy look with some fun pink and white striped suspenders and THE spring shoe that every man of every age should own; Top Sider’s. Round the look out with a straw fedora, and it’s timeless.

Another way to go all stripe is to play with the color. Both pieces I chose had the same size stripe, but differing shades of grey. I picked up these summer ‘bloomers’ a few weeks ago and have been playing with ways to pull them off. I chose to pair it with a lighter grey striped button up and some white suspenders to amplify the old timey nature of seersucker.

Now the only thing missing, is a tall glass of lemonade!

Happy Tuesday to you all.



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