how to spend 12 hours in san francisco with Black…

5:00 PM

Flying home to the bay area, is never without a killer window view. Both mother of bridges, a forgotten Alactraz, and the dotted peninsula that the alive reside.

6:00 PM

Though the Golden Gate gets all the glory, the Bay Bridge is no eye sore.

7:00 PM

Pick up little brother, and immediate nourishment is needed. Tonight it will be in the form of a rainbow smorgasbord of Indian food in the Mission.

8:30 PM

On the way back to his apartment, my street artist of a little (big) brother points out one of his more recent additions to the neighborhood.

12:30 AM

 The night keeps us warm with a Tecate hug as we parouse from SOMA, through Union, and end up in a bar in the Tenderloin. Isn’t that where everyone ends up anyhow?

7:30 AM

The night closes us down. But with a weekend ahead of me, I crawl out of bed, slip my go-to-travel-proof dress on, pull my walking boots up, and my trusty iPhone navigates me to the nearest enlightment…

8:30 AM

Until next time, oh city of mine. My head and feet planted firm in Portland. But my fleeting heart is swayed each visit. I ride away on my horse named BART.



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