I hate perfume, but I do love…

I have a long standing disgust for perfume.  Or rather, bad perfume.   However I do love when a person has a distinct scent to them.  When worn correctly perfume can truly add to a person’s aura.  My favorite is when you just lightly catch a whiff of rose, or sandalwood, or black pepper.  You shouldn’t smell like you are wearing anything in particular.  People should just know that you smell great.  Having said that, I’ve been going through my own personal hell trying to find the perfect scent for myself.  Basically I wanted to smell like the cleanest dirt and cut grass after a rainfall.  Light, earthy, clean, crisp and warm.  Like I had been laying in a damp field of clover.  (one time I went into a perfume shop and told the sales gal I wanted to smell like nothing, just clean, but also a little like that sprig of grass sprouting out of concrete.  She looked at me like I was crazy.)  Everything was too floral, or two musky, or too this or too that.  I don’t want to smell like a wedding bouquet or like a club dance floor.  My quest for the just right scent seemed impossible.

Brick and Black, Portland Style Blog, Portland Fashion Blog, CB I Hate Perfume, Men's Fragrance

But then I saw that one of my favorite shops, Blackbird, would be carrying perfumes by CB I Hate Perfume, and I was intrigued.  I too hated perfume, so perhaps with a name like that I would be able to find a scent that suited me.  Low and behold, after sniffing through all the testers, there it was.  The Holy Grail of scents.  My “warm country road asphalt after a summer rain” was right there on the table in a bottle ready for me to spray on myself.  Perfection.

Brick and Black, CB I Hate Perfume, Portland Fashion Blog, Portland Style Blog, Men's Fragrance

I want to smell like this…  and now I can.

Brick and Black, CB I Hate Perfume, Men's Fragrance, Portland Style Blog, Portland Fashion Blog

Christopher Brosius, the man behind CB I Hate Perfume is a mad genius.  I love what he has been able to accomplish in the art of creating and capturing scents.  The best way to describe these perfumes is that they smell like memories and experiences.  They smell like life and I love that.  If you’ve never heard of CB I Hate Perfume, pop into Blackbird and take a whiff, they are definitely worth checking out.

Shop Blackbird for CB I Hate Perfume

or visit the CB I Hate Perfume website.



One Comment on “I hate perfume, but I do love…”

  1. I’ve been a fan of CB I Hate Perfume for a long time now, & must say that my all time favorite for Winter & Fall, (& all too often) ‘Spring’, as it manifests in Portland, is the one that perfectly captures the smell of burning leaves…it is smokey, earthy, not perfumey. It’s a miracle in a flask!

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