Paxton Gate

Love, want, need…no…OBSESSED with Paxton Gate. One of the newer boutiques to the Mississippi strip of North Portland; they are selling the desires that I thought I had only dreamed of. All thats is beautiful and weird.

They feature decor made up of taxidermied mice dressed the part, jars of floating frogs and snakes suspended in formadlhyde, little preserved wonders from the sea; nautilus, sea stars, blow fish, and a whole corner of the store is dedicated to creating and maintaing your own plant life. The perfect little containers that will host a terrarium so quaint you wish you could live in it.

But let’s be honest, we all know the jewelry whores that Brick and Black really are. And Paxton Gate feeds our vice. With all kinds of pieces that show off the natural beauty I find aphxiating. You cannot NOT look…twice. You may find a palm-sized skull sits nicely around the neck, or maybe you wish to show off the symmetry of a python rib on a pair of earrings. I know I do. Ever wonder what it would feel like to have an octupus wrapped around your finger? The impressive castings make it possible.

Jewelry: Denna Fukatsu

Necklace: Ellie Adams

Rings: David Higgs

Rings: Erin Merriman

Necklace: Valerie Kasinskas

Jewelry: Alana Douvros

So without further a-due, here is a look for yourself and all thats preserved and adored at Paxton Gate. A big thank you to Susan and Andy.



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