Meet my Miu Miu

Let me tell you a little love story. I woke up to a knock on the door to a very special delivery. An average brown box, but inside, was the prettiest of pink shoe boxes.

I squealed, yes, SQUEALED, and jumped up and down. “Who was this for? Are these really for me? Who ordered them? I think this was a mistake. Nevermind that mistake, I should probably continue opening the box, right? I should just see what size they are…”

This went on for a good 30 seconds until I had the gall to flip the top. And each careful lift of the tissue created the wonderful anticipation that revealed the PRACTICAL YET PERFECT BLACK STILETTOS. I quickly flipped them over to read the size…AH HA, they will fit! And even if they are not mine…I should probably just try them on before seeing who’s they really are, right?

And then the Cinderella moment came.

My prince charming called just in time to tell me that I should be getting a special surprise just to say I am loved.

And without further a-due…meet my Miu Miu





One Comment on “Meet my Miu Miu”

  1. Val says:

    peter pretty much rocks. those shoes look amazing.

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