‘dirty hands, clean hearts’

Hungry Portland urbanites are able to get their taste of the country through the convenient efforts of Working Hands  Farm, a dedicated CSA farm. Delivered right to your door each week is an abudance of culinary treasure that brings so much imagination into the kitchen each night.

I have had to the privilege to get to know owner-Brian Martin, over this last year; along with his right hand man- Johnny Parker. Both men bring such a contagious joy when speaking on the values of giving back. This farm is just one of the many ways they can labour through their love for community.

Last week I took a drive out of my common 15 block radius, and just 30 minutes out of our city, I was able to stop by and see them in their element. I wanted to share with you the beauty of their operation.*

*With a slight guarantee that your farmer is not as good looking and well mannered as these gems.

And our visit was not without taste testing. The hardest part of the job! Brian has been gracious enough to share all their hard work and gifted me some deliciousness. My table has never been dressed so well!

Thanks Working Hands for letting us stop by and pull a few weeds. I promise next visit I won’t be standing around like a dummie in awe. These boys encourage you all to stop by and I would encourage us all to get out of our cement jungles to see our food in action.



One Comment on “‘dirty hands, clean hearts’”

  1. folktale says:

    beautiful photos!

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