Today’s Total: One Dollar

  I love thrift and vintage store shopping.  It can be a lot of work sifting through all that crap but it is so rewarding when you find a diamond among all that coal.  And it’s even better when that gem only costs you a buck.

crumpled dollar bill

Never underestimate the spending power of a single dollar.

These are some items that only set be back 1/100th of a Benjamin.

rose colored sunglasses, rose colored sunglass frames, rose glasses frame, BrickandBlack, Brick and Black

These rosy colored shades are my second favorite sunglasses (they take back seat only to my smokey white Ray Ban Wayfarers)
– Dollar Store

lighter necklace, engraved lighter, engraved necklace, Brick and Black, BrickandBlack

I found this tiny lighter (it’s about 1.25″ x 1.25″) for under a buck at a thrift store.  I put a new long chain on and had it engraved it a “B”, a little lighter fluid and it was as good as new.  It’s absolutely my favorite necklace that I own.
– Thrift Store

men's ankle boots, brown mod boots, gold buck boots, brown boots, brown ankle boots, Brick and Black, BrickandBlack

I love these vintage brown ankle boots with gold buckle.  Mod, slim, sleek and cost less than a cup of coffee.
– Yard Sale

vintage Christian Dior Tie, Pink Christian Dior Tie, Pink Dior tie, Pink Tie, Vintage tie, Vintage 80's tie, Vintage Dior Tie, Brick and Black, BrickandBlack

I found this 80’s Christian Dior tie after sifting for what seemed like an eternity through ugly paisley tie after ugly paisley tie, and then there it was.  Like a little ray of sunlight.  It is totally odd and off beat and I love it.  It reminds me of wallpaper you’d find in a dentists office.
– Thrift Store

So thank you humble one dollar bill, for some of my favorite items



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