precious cargo

I am 26 and continue to celebrate the back-to-school time of the year. Usually it means new outfits. New shoes. New eyeglasses All necessities worth celebrating!

But this year happens to be the year I need a new computer for my current venture that will take me on step #7895 of becoming a med-student. And yes, yes, it is always exciting walking into the apple store, knowing full well you will make that purchase that you have been oogiling over for months…

but just as exciting-will be THE bag that will carry such a divine purchase.

Now you may laugh at me, and think…a laptop bag is just that. a bag that carries your laptop. Whats all the fuss about? 

And I will say…NOOOO!

 Your laptop bag is the single accessory that you will carry day in and day out, wear it with EVERY ensemble, take it on the bus, shove it under your passenger seat, and tote it about hoping it keeps your precious cargo (ie. whole entire life) safe and sound.

So I introduce to you, my latest accessory.

My knomo bag.

(oh, and the cutest, smallest, newest MacBook air…all mine and not sharing, not even with my husband who steals all my new nerdy gadgets).

And here a few of my other favorites that I wanted to share with you all.

1. Asos blue bag $34

2. Filson shoulder tote $630

3. Jacksdale envelope sleeve $79

4. Vivienne Westwood sleeve $293

5. Givenchy bag $2600


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