The other day while getting ready for a party I had a fashion crisis.  Nothing looked right and nothing felt right.  I must have changed my outfit at least ten times with ten variations of each one.  Plus I was in a hurry.  Shirts were flying, shoes tumbling all over the place, pants strewn about, a bloody disaster.  Finally I put something on and it just felt right, so I grabbed my wallet and phone and ran out the door before I could be tempted to change my mind again.  Later that evening when I returned home I was greeted by this…

Brick and Black, Portland Fashion

Someone obviously had snuck into my apartment and set off a grenade in my closet.

Brick and Black, Portland Fashion

This was just not me.  My closet is usually a well oiled feat of organization.  I mean, I even have my tank tops in order of color and shoulder width, not this crazy mess.

Brick and Black, Portland Fashion

And my shoes… My poor shoes.  Once lined up like pretty little birds on a power line, now laying about like fallen soldiers from the latest violent video game.

Clothes deserve better than this.  Learn from my faults.  It takes a second to rehang something, but the shock of a messy closet lasts much longer.  Think of your closet as a video tape, be kind and rewind.



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