Tahoe BFR (iPhone photo diary)

I attended my first BFR this past week; (BLACK FAMILY REUNION). I was privileged to be able to take part in some serious eating, coffee drinking, and naptimin’! I’ll tell ya, three days of moving from the lounger on the sun porch, to the lounger on the front porch got me all tuckered out. It was a hard life.

Here we meet another Monday, but before I dive into another 6 hour study session, I wanted to share with you all the diary clippings from another awesome memory of a weekend.

These were taken at a log cabin that my all too talented father-in-law built as a HOBBY! A few years ago, he had a friend that had some property in which a log cabin was left to deterioate over the years, so they numbered the logs, took it apart, let the wood dry out for a few years, and just like that rebuilt it, and made a pond to go with it. Easy-peasy.

Did I mention I ate? Yeah, just a few backyard grubbin’ sessions.

My in-laws backyard has the cute factor DIALED. Every nook you find, has some treasure of an antique filled with the blooms of life that it once held.

And here is my favorite way to work off those extra (ahem, or five extra) cookies that Grandma was so gracious to share.

And cheers to a productive Monday to get this this week going to get to the weekend relaxin’.



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