Denim Nation

 I finally have done what I thought I may never do, I washed my favorite pair of raw denim by Simon Miller Jeans.  It has been three years since I first started breaking them in.  They were so tight and stiff I got bruises on my hips.  Several times my feet fell asleep while sitting from lack of circulation.  Range of motion was so limited I once fell over trying to stand up after kneeling down to pick something up.  What can I say, it was a labor of love, and totally worth it.  They are now superbly worn and formed to my body, I love these jeans.  I was really nervous about washing them, but I felt it was time.  It was like sending your child off to their first day of pre-school.

Simon Miller Jeans Before and After, Simon Miller Jeans Before/After, Raw Denim before and after washing, Raw Denim, Raw Jeans, Simon Miller Jeans, Brick and Black,

before and after

they turned out pretty darn good

This monumental event got me looking at all of my denim.  I’m a bit of jeans freak and believe you should have a pair for any occasion.  Here are a few of my favorites currently rounding out my closet.

Denim Stack, Stack of Denim, Brick and Black
Gap 1969 jeans, Adam Arnold Jeans, Custom Denim, Bespoke denim, Brick and Black

L: I don’t wear these but will never get rid of them.  My first pair of “nice jeans” Gap 1969 boot cut.  Wore them pretty much every day my Jr. and Sr. year of high school.  Broken zipper, ripped to shit, thin as paper, I may not wear them but they will always hold a place in my heart.

R: Newest pair, custom bespoke skinny/straight leg raw denim by Adam Arnold.  Made to measure so they fit like a glove.

Denim Trousers, Acne Jeans, Acne Denim Trouser, Vintage Levi's, Levi's Flared jean, Brick and Black

L: Denim Trouser by Acne.  Gotta dress it up sometimes.

R: Vintage high waisted flared Levi’s.  Skin tight 70’s cool.

Gray Denim, Gray Nudie Denim, Nudie Denim, Aqua colored jeans, Adam Arnold Jeans, Brick and BlackColor! (sort of)

L: Gray denim by Nudie.  So comfy and less severe than black.

R: Light aqua denim by Adam Arnold.  The quirky unusual color is so good.

Black Cheap Monday Jeans, Cheap Monday Jeans, Black skinny Jeans, White Skinny jeans, Adam Arnold Jeans, Dirty white jeans, Brick and Black

L: Black skinny jeans by Cheap Monday.  Perfectly simple and basic.

R: White skinny jeans by Adam Arnold.  You can go about white jeans in one of two ways.  One stressing and trying to keep them perfectly white.  Or two, wear the hell out of them and don’t give a damn.  I choose option two.  Mine are dirty, wrecked and perfect.

Slouchy jeans, Seven for All Mankind, Denim Shorts, Denim cut off shorts, Simon Miller Cut off Jeans, Brick and Black

L: Slouchy customized denim by Seven for All Mankind.  I got these a couple sizes too big, chopped them off at the lower calf and pegged them.  They are my answer to sweats.

R: Cut off denim shorts by Simon Miller.  These were my first pair of Simon Millers, I needed shorts one day so I chopped them off, never once regretted it.

Levi's 501, Justin Boots, Trovata T-Shirt, Brick and Black, Brick and Black Blog, Portland Style Blog, Portland Fashion Blog

 Levi’s 501, the original denim.  Nothin’ like a classic.

shirt: Tr0vata
boots: Justin



3 Comments on “Denim Nation”

  1. I loved them “before” and I love them “after”. Do they feel softer? Did you use any soap?

    • no soap, washed in cold, hang dried. They have that crisp hang dried denim feel to them right now so i wouldn’t really say “soft” but yes they have more loft to them. Can’t wait to break ’em in all over again!

  2. Jesse says:

    LOVE your approach to white denim…loved and worn is so much better than pristine and stressed over.

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