Portland to Nashville with Black and Co.

10 states, 2500 miles, 3 best friends, and way too much coffee, we were set out to move one my besties across the country and give her a BIG BANG of a goodbye.

(my actual plan, was to have sooo much fun that come Nashville, she didn’t get out of the car…it almost worked)

Leg 1: Portland to Eagle, Idaho. Painless.

Leg 2: Eagle, Idaho through Utah, Wyoming and to Colorado Springs.

15 hours later, we arrived slightly insane and entirely welcomed by some old friends and some new. The beautiful yellow house below is where we were lucky enough to crash for a few nights. And ladies, I would like to let you all to know that this a house entirely made of dudes who know how to decorate a house with all that is masculine and good looking, complete with a bar and barbershop…I was even able to sneak in a much-needed haircut. Because lets be honest, I don’t do that enough.

I CANNOT begin to describe the view of the mountainside and cityscape. So I won’t. You can see for yourself.

This city had no idea what we had in store for it. There may have been some spontaneous irresponsible tattoo choices, maybe some line dancing, and most defiantly roof-top smoking.

A little day trip to the Garden of the Gods was totally worth all the hype.

Leg 3: Colorado Springs, through Kansas, and into Kansas City.

“Flat as a pancake” And it really was the most bizarre leg of the trip. The “towns”, the people. All around weird. I have no idea why Dorothy would ever want to go back there. I sure as hell hope I don’t.

Leg 4: Kansas City, Missouri to St. Louis and on to Nashville, Tenessesse.

St. Louis was a magical few hours. We were able to experience the first good coffee of the trip and wander through the Saint Louis art museum (ahem, for FREE, apparently all museums and the zoo are free to the public, way to go, now lets all jump on the bandwagon and follow suit, eh?). It was very special to be in this city 2 days after they won the World Series.The parties were spilling on to the streets and creating a sea of cardinal red. So much celebrating gave us the contagious smile needed to reach our final destination.

So here we are, after all the memories made, and laughs had. It was one last Halloween spent with my best and time to say goodbye. There are no words for the magic that transpired in the last 6 days. But I can show you the little bit that my trusty iPhone caught.

Holly, I love you will all my heart. 


A big thank you to the little Nissan that could, google maps, my Michelle, our boys Christian and Sean, that one tattoo shop, Subway, and American Spirits.



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