baby’s got the blues

…and sometimes there isn’t anything to do, but turn the music loud enough to pound out all thoughts and take your sweet time spoiling yourself by getting ready for no good reason.


Because we are worth it.

Every once in a while I can look to the ritual of getting dressed for the day, for the night, or just because as a mini-celebration of self. One of the first memories I have of self-awareness was the day my mom had finally given me permission to pick out my own outfits for the day. I remember thinking… are you kidding me? I could, I WOULD pick out anything I wanted? Out of this entire 3 drawer dresser and shared closet…it was all UP TO ME. Of course I was gonna pick out the neon puff paint shirt with the pink and purple biker shorts with matching scrunchie, that was a no-brainer. DUH, MOM.

And things haven’t changed much, besides the puff paint tendencies. I love the action of pawing through my teenie-tiny closet and building on a concept. The ability to create an attitude with your threads is a power, a gift, that I do not take lightly.

This day in particular I desperately needed to feel pretty with a purpose. So on goes the silk dress, the fur, the tights, the nonsensical socks and heels combo with layers of necklace and bronzed gloves.

taa-dah, look mom, all dressed and ready to go!



One Comment on “baby’s got the blues”

  1. Your are so beautiful!!! Love the all the picture’s you have done on this site!!

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