precious metals

As we all know, I am a jewelry whore who just happens to be able to scratch the itch a few days week creating with these geniuses under the designer Katy Kippen, (thanks mama for teaching me all I know about slinging’ jewels). Here are a few things we aren’t producing for the line, but love and adore enough to rock on a daily basis. Dressed up, dressed down.

pyrite. quartz.

quartz. pyrite.

silver. gold. brass.



And here are a few other pieces that I can’t help but think they would make every outfit a wee-bit better. You know the kind that would make that dress float a bit more, my heels would sparkle again, and I am sure my hair would grow another 6 inches as soon as I owned these…

Freakin’ GOLD BROQUES I found featured on Karen of the

Pyrite Ring by Andy Lifschutz

Immortal Light Point Necklace sold here at Portland’s Frances May

Pamela Love quartz ring sold here at Portland’s Reveille

So all together now we can feel completely deprived of these more then awesome pieces. (Though, I did provide you with the suppliers of such.) I am going to go put on my outfit now and think of how much better it could be. 



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