just spike it

Here is a little story of how my most coveted leather became my proud leather.

Now, yes this looks easy, and the process, though easy, was insanely hard to begin. I have been mulling this over in my head the last few weeks. There was a super-dee-duper gigantic risk that was involved. If this went over wrong, I would be out of a jacket. And not just a jacket. The jacket that has lived with me in California, moved with me to Portland, has been there for numerous grungy roll out of bed days, the jacket that dressed up (down) plenty of cocktail dresses. Its my go-to survival piece. So, I was absolutely terrified to begin. But once that first punch went through, the BEDZAZZLE/SPIKEAZZLE BEGAN!

I am pretty pleased how it turned out. So pleased that I wore it to the ballet last night, and let me tell you…if you ever feel the need to scare grandmas and get the wide-eyed wonder from elementary school girls. Well, do what I did. If you are normal and do not wish to be oogled, well you probably should never listen to anything I say.


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