feed the monster…

Brick & Black were able to take part in out first Art Direction gig for some incredibly talented friends at Juliet Zulu. We hired a team, showed up for a few days, and did what they told us to. Apparently they know what they are doing, because all of a sudden I feel the need to go out and buy their headphones.

‘Working under CINCO DESIGN and their awesome campaign to introduce the general public to MONSTER’S new INSPIRATION headphones, this video was about feeling like the BTS at a fashion shoot. There are elements of reality and elements of fiction within this video. We love walking that line.’

So we share with you the end product…

We had way too much fun to call this a ‘job’, and are currently interested in finding out how to get hired to be surrounded by so many good looking creatives while provided with catered meals on a regular basis.

Thanks a million to Peter Black, Sarah Simmons-Meyer, and Harry Nedley for being the best hired team we could of asked for. And a special super-dee-duper thank you to Zak Davis for thinking of us.



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