Best of Brick and Black

Hey everyone!  So it’s been one year and one hundred posts since Brick & Black first started this adventure.  And in true anniversary fashion we decided to reminisce on this past year and compile some of our favorite pictures.  That’s right folks, we’ve only just broken our first season and we are already doing a clip show.  Enjoy!!!

We’ve done a lot of “walking away” shots but this is the all time best, simply  because we were cracking up as we had to navigate through a minefield of doggy doo.  Don’t worry we made it through free and clear.

Some of the best shots come out of nowhere.  This kitty infiltrated the shoot and stole the show.

Hands downs (and hats off) one of our most fun shoots. (and proof that we DO smile)

Eye patch + Thore = one fun time

Natural lighting doing us a solid.

The best landscape

Our hands down favorite shoot.

Thank you to all of those who’ve followed us and enjoyed what we’ve been putting out there.  This has been such a fun year for us and we look forward to continuing bringing our expression of style and fashion to you.

a special thanks to Grayling jewelry and Adam Arnold along with our family and friends.  And a super duper special thanks to Mr. Peter Black of Counterpart Photo, we couldn’t do any of this with out you


Brick and Black


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