Choose Warby Parker

I would like to deny the fact that I need eyeglasses. Don’t get me wrong. I am the queen of accessorizing, some would say over-accessorizing. But eye glasses are just not “my thing”. I have often considered getting contacts but lets be honest…I can hardly manage undressing myself when its time for bed.


But as my boss so nicely, and truthfully pointed out the other day…it was time.

A few of my four-eyed friends have been raving about Warby Parker. So amongst my googling ramblings last week, I decided to peek at the website. WARNING: DO NOT CLICK ON THE LINK UNLESS YOU ARE READY TO HAVE THIS SAME INCREDIBLY EASY TO USE EXPERIENCE THAT I HAD!!! In less then 10 minutes I had a box of 5 sample glasses coming to my doorstep FOR FREE. 

That’s right. You get to pick a few styles, in the color of your choice and have them mailed to you to try out for a few days. And to be honest, I ordered them on a Wednesday late afternoon and they were waiting for me by Friday early afternoon. All packed cute and neat. It was like opening an Apple product. You know where its all exciting to open each fold, so well thought out with a cute note hear and there, encouraging you on your new best decision of your life.

Warby Parker

Warby Parker

And inside of this magical box, beholds the spectacles that actually made me want to submit to my visual disabilities.

Warby Parker

Top pair: Huxley Tennessee Whiskey

Bottom pair: Roosevelt Revolver Black Matte

Warby Parker

Top pair: Winston Revolver Black

Middle pair: Fillmore Sandalwood Matte

Bottom pair: Sinclair Greystone

And now is the toughest decision. I honestly could easily take 3 of the 5 pairs. But alas, I did not foresee (pun intended) that I would be spending my funds on said accessory. That being said, Warby Parker so nicely prices their glasses at a ridiculously awesome price point of $95 PER PAIR!!!!

And listen to me when I say the most awesome part of this whole process (THIS IS MY SCREAMING VOICE:)


Kinda like Toms, except way better looking and less smelly.

I leave you with my two favorites. Excuse me while I take on and off these for another 50 times trying to decided between the two.


Warby Parker

Warby Parker


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